Central Pacific (Esparza) Affiliate

"I feel very happy to obtain my house by means of Habitat. I always want families that need houses to be beneficiaries as I am. My house is the home of the members of Habitat."
--Marta Cardona Ramirez, Habitat houseowner in Esparza

The Central Pacific affiliate office was opened in July of 2000 and through February 2002 had completed 70 houses. This affiliate includes not only Esparza (pop. 21,000), but also the nearby communities of Barranca and Miramar. Esparza is located 20 kilometers from the city of Puntarenas, a port which is a gateway to the beaches of southern Nicoya Peninsula.


Esparza has an elevation near sea level, and experiences high temperatures ranging on average from 89-96 degrees Fahrenheit, and lows from 71-73. From December until April monthly rainfall does not usually exceed half an inch (15 mm), and humidity is around 75 percent. May through August, and also in November, expect an average rainfall of 6-9 inches (160-230 mm). September and October are the rainiest months--prepare for 11-12 inches each month. During the rainy months, humidity is generally around 86%.


The Marriott in Jacó has a maintained a partnership with the Esparza affiliate since May 2001. Each month a rotating group of 10 volunteers arrives for a day of construction work. The Marriott will also provide a brigade of the event Viviendo tu fe , a blitz build during Holy Week 2002.

In Project Esparzol, Habitat plans to partner with 12 families and the Costa Rican government to buy lots and build houses for the families. A government grant will pay US$3000 toward the purchase of the lot, and US$2000 toward the house in a period of three months.

Possibilities for your freetime:

The nearby town of Puntarenas serves as a port for the Pacific Ocean, and is the business center of the western region of Costa Rica. Puntarenas also serves as a transit point to the Gulf of Nicoya, and the Nicoya Peninsula. There are also many beaches close enough for a day-trip.

A Homeowner's success:

Marta Cardona Ramirez first heard about Habitat for Humanity through a commercial about Habitat houses that had been built in San Ramón. Before moving into her Habitat house a year ago, she lived with her mother and son in a wooden house. A nearby outhouse served as the only bathroom.

Marta says that the entire process was easy for her, especially the construction because her house was built during Holy Week by two brigades. She remarked, "My experience with the brigade members is that they are very united people. They give from their heart and soul without receiving anything but the happiness of the people in return. " Marta was among the first three families to recieve a house in the Esparza affiliate.

Contact Habitat in Esparza

Regional Partner: Francis Tapia Quirós (email: francis_tapia@hotmail.com )

Tel/fax: (506) 636-4440
Apdo. 01-5500, Esparza, Puntarenas
25 este de la esquina noreste de la plaza de deportes, Esparza