Monteverde Affiliate

"We invite you to unite yourselves with the cause of Habitat, returning what God has given to you. Remember that there are many children that need your help; that today don't have food, much less a roof. With your help we can give a smile." --Oldemar Guilles Ramirez, president of the committee in Monteverde.

An example of a Habicon house

The M onteverde affiliate was approved by the national office in August 2000, and by the international office in October 2000. Monteverde will begin construction Thursday, April 18. Three single-mother families have been selected for the first round of building.

The Monteverde Affliate is unique in Costa Rica because it has been approved to build with Habicon. Habicon is a prefabricated construction system--concrete pieces will be manufactured in Cartago, and then transported to the worksite to be assembled. This system was developed by the Technological Institute in Cartago, a premier Costa Rican university that is striving to create the strongest house for low-income families. Habicon houses are advantageous in Monteverde because they are earthquake resistent, can be built on an incline, and the floors do not touch the ground, which will prevent the foundation from getting wet.


High temperatures in Monteverde typically range between 68-71 degrees Farenheight, and lows between 53-57. From January until April, the average monthly rainfall ranges between 2 and 6 inches (50-150 mm) and March is typically the dryest month. Beginning in May expect 14-20 inches (350-500 mm) of rain each month until December.

Options for your freetime:

The main attractions in Monteverde are the rain and cloud forests in the area. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve (a private biological reserve) and the Santa Elena Forest Reserve (another cloud forest) draw crowds all year. Monteverde also boasts the first internaional children's rainforest--Bosque Eterno de los NiƱos. Many people choose to see the forests through Sky Trek, a system of cables that take you above and through the forests.

Contact Habitat in Monteverde

Tel/fax: (506) 645-6776
Apdo. 86 Santa Elena, Monteverde, Puntarenas
Contiguo a la clinica veterinaria, centro de Santa Elena