Nicoya Affiliate

"In Habitat, one learns to give what they have already received. In Habitat, one grows spiritually and socially.”
--Luisa Valdivia,
International Partner

A Habitat house in Samara

Afiliado Regional Península de Nicoya was the second regional affiliate to open in Costa Rica, and includes Samara, Ojancha, and Santa Cruz. The population of Nicoya and the surrounding area is approximately 25,000, and features many of Costa Rica's largest beach resorts. If not working in tourism, local economy is focused on fishing and agriculture. In Spring 2002, Habitat had finished 41 houses (35 in central Nicoya and 6 in Samara) in the Nicoya Peninsula and was constructing 2 more.

"In 2001, the affiliate received 70 volunteers through 6 international brigades from Willow Creek Church, McGee Friends Shalom, the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, Georgia Southwestern University, and the University of Chicago. We also had 2 national brigades from ESEPA Seminary in San José , and Country Day School in Nicoya. Our projections for the fiscal year 2002 are: to build 15 houses, develop new communities like Santa Cruz, hold two events to raise local funds, and integrate new volunteers into the regional and local committees.”
--Luisa Valdivia, International Partner in Nicoya


Nicoya's average high temperatures range from 87-96°F; March and April being the hottest months; low temperatures range from 69-73°F. From December until March, expect less than 1 inch (25 mm) of rain per month. In April 3 inches (70 mm) of rain typically falls. From May until November, the average monthly rain fall ranges from 10-16 inches (July is the least rainy of these months, September and October are the most rainy). During the rainy months the humidity is generally above 80%.

Recent Events:

Willow Creek Church (based near Chicago, Illinois) sent two brigades to Nicoya, and also donated US$2000 to the affiliate, $1300 of which was used to buy a much needed cement mixer.

United States Senator Luke Kenley of Indiana worked with his family in Nicoya from December 23-30. They said afterwards, "Our experience was perfect. The family and staff were so loving and helpful that they made the experience the best family vacation of our lives."

"The Kenley family that came to our construction site is a true family. For us, it was a gift from God. I saw that the Senator and his family gave everything to the cause. I admire the way they live their lives as Christians, and I believe they can truly be called a family. I find it amazing that they gave of their time and money to help total strangers in another country." --Kembly Abadia Guevara

From a Nicoyan Homeowner Marisol Valencia Lopez and Harold Enrique Munoz Munoz :

Before hearing about Habitat from a neighbor, Marisol Valencia lived with her husband and daughter in an extra bedroom in her in-laws' house. Her Habitat house was built over a period of three months, with the help of two international brigades from the University of South Carolina and the University of Georgia. During this time, she also worked with another family on their house. When construction was at the other house, she would get up at 5:00am, bike two hours to work eight hours, and then return home.

"It was a very beautiful experience. After so many obstacles in our life, we have been able to build our house. Our faith in God was strong, and he helped us a lot to keep going. I met many people that are very special to our family. We also had a "daughter" [a Habitat volunteer that stayed with our family], Michelle from Canada. It was very special to live with her and when she had to return to her country it was very sad." --Marisol Valencia

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