Church Relations:



Semana Santa: Viviendo tu fe

During Holy Week 2002, Habitat Costa Rica hosted the blitz built Viviendo tu fe. Two international brigades and 12 national brigades helped in the event. Ten of the national brigades are provided by local churches.

-Vida Abundante worked in Nicoya
-Porta Antorcha worked in San Ramón
-Comunidad Cristiana de Fe of Santa Ana in Esparza
-Asamblea de Dios in San Ramón
-Frateridad Cristiana in San Ramón
-Biblica Atenas in Palmares
-Bautista San Pedro in Cartago
-Iglesia La Viña San Pedro in Cartago 
-Biblica Calle Moreno in Cartago
-Biblica San José  de las Montañas in San Ramón
-Escazu Community Church in San Ramón

Habitat hopes to establish long-term relationships with these and other churches in Costa Rica through events like the Viviendo Tu Fe blitz build. Henry Alvarez will be putting together a memory book of the event for each involved church.