Wish List

Electronic Office Supplies:

-Printer Cartridges             
         (Okidata-0L4OOE, BJI-21, HP20, HP49)
-Scanners with software
-Zip disk drive
-Television and VCR
-Overhead Projector
-Fax machine/phones
-Digital Camera with software
-Air Conditioning unit
-Video Camera
-Electronic adding machines
-Answering machines

More Office Supplies:

-Dry erase/Cork boards with markers 
-Photo Albums with Adhesive pages 
-Motivational Books (English & Spanish) 
-Paper (notebook, computer--especically photo) 
-Microsoft Software
-Floppy disks/CD-R or CD-RW disks/VHS tapes 
-Extension Cords

Power tools (for affiliates):

-Circular saws
-concrete mixer
-measuring tapes (metric)

Hábitat para la Humanidad
Apartado 179-4250
San Ramón, Alajuela

For more information, contact our national office at hphcostarica@rasco.co.cr for more information