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Week's Events Summary:

Saturday, March 24: National Event Inauguration

3:00pm, Cartago, house of Walter Muñoz

The event inauguration was highlighted by speeches and words of encouragement by José Pedro Sánchez, the National Director of Habitat Costa Rica, Juan Porras, President of the National Board of Habitat Costa Rica, and Máximo Cisneros, the Director of Church Relations for Latin American and the Caribbean.

Sunday March 25-Friday March 29 : Construction on 16 houses

Towns of Nicoya, Barranca, Miramar, San Ramón, Palmares, Cartago y El Guarco

International and local brigades, as well as many individual volunteers worked to build 16 houses in 4 affiliates in Costa Rica (6 in the Occidental Affiliate, 2 in the Central Pacific Affiliate, 4 in Cartago, 4 in Nicoya)

Volunteers in Nicoya from the church Vida Abundante

A partner family working in Barranca

A house in Nicoya A jubilant homeowner in Palmares, Edgar Rojas,

Finished houses in Nicoya

A Boston College brigade working in Cartago

Saturday March 30: National Event Closing

2:00, Palmares, House of Raúl Peraza

The closing in San Ramón was blessed by the presence of nearly 100 people including partner families, staff members, volunteers, friends, and brigades. Hugo Palacios, the Church Relations Director for Ecuador, José Pedro Sánchez, Juan Porras, and the pastor of a local church, Fraternidad Cristiana, spoke at the event.

"We give thanks to God for all the support the churches and educational institutions gave us. The presence of the churches is a form of giving testimony of their love for God, and a way to put their faith in action."

--Henry Alvarez, Church Relations Director, Habitat Costa Rica