Long-Term Volunteers

What is a "Long-Term Program Development Volunteer" ?

Program development volunteers are people who donate their time, energy and skills to Habitat-CR in a form other than construction. Their service allows Habitat-CR to grow as an organization and provide quality service to Habitat families. These volunteer opportunities can also be in place of an internship, including professional supervision. We can work with you to meet your needs. Due to the nature of the majority of the projects, a minimum time commitment is necessary. The time is needed to orient oneself to both Habitat and Costa Rica in general, as well have thoroughly complete the project.

Habitat´s Commitment:
-Send country and work related descriptions to all interested volunteers
-Provide transportation to and from airport and the national office in San Ramón.
-Provide a thorough orientation to Costa Rica and Habitat's program.
-Arrange housing and meals with a Habitat family and assist if problems arise.
($270/month includes private room, breakfast and dinner with host family)
-Design work plan with volunteer to clarify expectations on both parts.
-On a weekly basis, review work plan, projects, logistics and offer overall support.
-If desired, provide a monthly progress report to individual/organization, as well as a final letter of recommendation.
-Provide work-related transportation and travel stipend

Support Needed from Long-Term Volunteer:
-Send all requested documents in a timely fashion.
-Agree to minimum time commitment (see project descriptions).
-If possible, bring some materials needed for your project through in-kind-gifts or monetary donations. (More info given later)
-Pay housing cost at the beginning of every month directly to Habitat.
-Obtain international health insurance.
-Agree to practice good stewardship with Habitat´s resources.
-Create work-plan with Habitat-supervisor and turn in monthly progress report.

Currently Available Positions