Open long-term volunteer positions

1. Student Chapters

2. Church Relations

3. Resource Development

4. "Continued Contact" Workshops

5. Family Education Manual

6. Assistant in Architect/Engineering Department

7. Corporate Alliances:

8. Web Page Maintenance:

1. Student Chapters Volunteer:

Will coordinate the education and motivation of different high schools, universities and youth groups regarding the issue of poverty housing and Habitat´s mission of eradicating inhumane housing in Costa Rica. Giving Habitat presentations, organizing one day builds, and organizing fundraising projects with the students are other activities needed. The position would be based in the national office in San Ramón de Alajuela (1 hr. NW of San José ) but requires some travel to other affiliates. Another important responsibility would be to recruit local youth to serve as leaders and liaisons in their community.
Minimum Commitment: 6 months or longer
Desired Experience: Preferred Habitat experience, either in construction or program development, organization of youth related projects and ability to speak in public.
Language: Intermediate-advanced level of Spanish.

2. Church Relations Volunteer:

Encourage and organize the participation of churches (both Catholic and Protestant) to become involved with the affiliates open in Costa Rica in a variety of ways. To create this link, the volunteer should be a creative and enthusiastic person. Based out of San Ramón or San José area, but will require some travel.
Minimum Commitment: 6 months
Desired Experience: Church related mission trips and/or organization of church service projects. Creative and flexible person who can put their faith in action.
Language: Intermediate level of Spanish.

3. Resource Development Volunteer:

Will collaborate with the different Costa Rican affiliates to assist them in completing their resource development work-plan while becoming more creative and organized in this area. There is also the possibility to work on several national level projects which could include corporate alliances, planning special events and projects. Most likely based in National office, but there are possibilities of affiliate site assignments.
Minimum Commitment: 6 months
Desired Experience: Experience in resource development or fundraising projects, especially involving nonprofit organizations.
Language: Advanced-Intermediate level of Spanish.

4. "Continued Contact" Workshops Volunteer:

After the design and implementation of a "social-services needed" survey with Habitat families, this volunteer will initiate links with other social service agencies within the different communities or those agencies available in Costa Rica. Small workshop planning will be necessary, (for example: improving family communication, child development, etc..) that either the volunteer or an invited guest speaker will lead. A social services guide for each affiliate and compiled national guide, as well as a small handbook regarding the workshops for future implementation, needs to be created.
Minimum Commitment: 6 months
Desired Experience: Education (2 years in university minimum) in social services, psychology, sociology or human resource. The design and implementation of social service projects, especially involving nonprofit organizations, desired. Excellent social and presentation skills needed. Life experience in a Latin-American country is desired.
Language: Advanced-Intermediate level of Spanish.

5. Family Education Manual:

Working in collaboration with the individual affiliates, facilitate the creation of a "Family Education Manual" to be used during the required Habitat-education sessions before a family can build. The volunteer will compile general Habitat information already available and adapt it to the individual needs of each affiliate, as well as assist in developing creative presentation methods.
Minimum Commitment: 3 months
Desired Experience: Presentation experience desired. Organization and creativity are crucial to the success of the project, as well as a flexible personality.
Language: Intermediate level of Spanish

6. Assistant in Architect/Engineering Department:

Assist in the process of forming the house design with new affiliates. Create a manual for this process to be used in all affiliates. Investigate new construction systems, as well as regionalize the different environmental and cultural factors that should be taken into account regarding Habitat's construction process.

Minimum Commitment: 4 months
Desired Experience: Minimum of 2 years of university studies in architecture or engineering. Personal life experience in Latin America is a plus.
Language: High level of Spanish

7. Corporate Alliance Volunteer:

Will create several new alliances between Habitat Costa Rica and tourism companies to sponsor homes, acquire discounts for Habitat guests, recruit volunteers, raise funds for local affiliates, and form corporate brigades. A pilot program would involve forming corporate alliances in Monteverde (to be developed in 2 or 3 stages), then country wide.

Minimum Commitment: 4 months
Desired Experience: University degree in hospitality, tourism, business administration, marketing or advertising.
Language: High level of Spanish

8. Web Page Volunteer:

Use Dreamweaver to update the Habitat Costa Rica web page (in English and Spanish) and continue to make improvements, adding more information about Habitat partner families, new affiliates, and recent events. Work with the National and Affiliate offices to keep web site up-to-date, and continue to make it more accessible and efficient.

Minimum Commitment: 3 months
Desired Experience: Experience designing web pages (preferably with Dreamweaver).
Language: Intermediate level of Spanish

If you are interested:
Please contact the volunteer coordinator in the national office (email: ). In your email, include the position you are interested in and a copy of your resume.